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Navigating a Sea of Words

Whether you are writing poetry, fiction, biography, or a business letter, you want your words to reflect your intention precisely and clearly.

The most brilliant ideas may get overlooked if your sentence structure is flawed, if the wrong word is used, or if typos distract the reader from your meaning. If I am reading an engrossing mystery or a visionary fiction novel, I get totally thrown out of the narrative if a word is wrong, if a sentence isn’t complete, or if there has been a phrase that has been repeated in several chapters unnecessarily. If there are grammar mistakes in a business letter or on a web site, I don’t take the ideas as seriously as I might if the mistakes had not appeared.

No matter how pure your idea, if your readers are distracted by flaws in your message, you’ve lost them. This is where a good editor is invaluable. I offer various editing packages, from simple copy editing (checking for spelling, punctuation, grammar and spacing) to style editing, feedback and possible rewrites to make your meaning clear.

I provide editing services by the page, by the hour, or by the job, depending on the type of project. Write me using the Contact form here to discuss your project and pricing.

Marilyn King, Blue Lotus Editing

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